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The Spa Horizon is born from the union of the two concepts of “emotion” and “movement” since Body Care is equivalent to Spirit Care: you will be welcomed in a refined, harmonious atmosphere, conducive to relaxation and body care from aesthetic and health point of view. The philosophy of Horizon Spa is based on a concept of health that has changed a lot over time, for which the idea of ​​”cure” reaches the boundaries of “well-being”: a healthier life is also a more intense, exciting and long life! Our ambitious goal is to take you by the hand and lead you on a path where you can take care of yourself, train and love yourself in the context of an unforgettable experience.



The Horizon Method uses a unique combination of techniques and innovative manual skills to act on three fundamental aspects of our body simultaneously:metabolism, its natural posture, tissues. We treat imperfections by knowing their causes and acting on them and not just their effects. We treat imperfections by knowing their causes and acting on them and not just their effects. Furthermore, unlike the traditional approach, where everyone undergoes the same treatments,the Horizon anti-aging beauty method adapts itself on each individual person, via an in depth study of their body and face type, to give visible and long lasting results in a short amount of time.

Our beauty experts can work on any body ready to receive our high class treatments and cosmetics to get the best results. Horizon Spa… the Spa designed to have a 360 degree treatment range.



Spa circuits

Realign your body and mind with our Spa circuits where the therapeutic and relaxing power of water is combined with specific treatments. Take time for your well-being with and spend 2 or 4 hours in a warm and intimate place where absolute peace reigns.




Tell us what you desire and trust us. Relaxing treatments and massages, reshaping, against the signs of time, decontracting for athletes, or lymph drainage. Discover the power of hot stones, thermal mud, cold bandages and essential oils and let yourself be pampered by our beauty rituals.





Private SPA

Book the Private Spa Horizon and regenerate yourself in an intimate and reserved space, with everything that only a Spa can offer. Refined and harmonious atmosphere, exclusive treatments for the single and for the couple to cure body and spirit in a quite and exclusive dimension.




Choose an unique experience up to your wishes with our personalized packages: room, spa, gym with personal trainer, wellness circuits, treatments, lunch and dinner menus carefully studied on your needs



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