Meat Eat restaurant, Lake Varese

Meat Eat is not just a restaurant but an experience made of details, love, humility and a lot of passion.

We welcome you in one of our indoor or outdoor halls, on one of the terraces overlooking the garden.

The large bright spaces, the relaxing atmosphere and the professionalism of the staff will make your experience at Meat Eat memorable.

Dry Aged Meat

Pure meat, real pleasure

We have decided to specialize and surprise you with our fine dry aged cuts of meat.

Steaks, Fiorentine and Tomahawk are subjected to a dry maturation method, i.e. a long period of refrigeration with controlled humidity.

The dry-aged matured meat undergoes superficial drying and within 5-8 weeks it yields up to 20% of liquids.

At the end of this period, the product is tender, perfectly marbled and with a unique aroma.

The menù

Chef Cristian Leveraro

Let our staff take you by the hand, for a unique journey through the colours, scents and sensations of Meat Eat, conceived and coordinated by Chef Christian Leveraro.

The meticulous choice of local suppliers, the love for local seasonal products and great attention to the transformation phase accompany our dishes on your table.

A careful selection of appetizers, tartare and first courses is the prelude to the unique experience of fine cuts of Dry Aged meat.

The Wine List

The taste of good wine

Our wine list then satisfies every need, emphasizing the menu in the best possible way.